The Upcoming Xbox Video Game Destiny Is Racist Propaganda


I’m a hardcore gamer, but since I started running 5K’s for women’s charities, I don’t get to play as often as I’d like. I still try to keep abreast of the newest video games, but sometimes I don’t like what I find.

Bungie, the corporation that brought us the Halo franchise, is about to release a new video game called Destiny. When I first saw screenshots of Destiny, I thought, "Oh, cool! Dune with machine guns," but as usual, there’s more than meets the eye. If you can read between the lines like I can, there are all sorts of things to get offended by.

First of all, the game is called Destiny. Does that ring any bells to you? How about “Manifest Destiny”? Yup. Destiny is a thinly veiled piece of racist propaganda.

I only looked at the game’s Wikipedia page, but that was enough for me to learn all I needed to know about this piece of garbage. In the game, players are forced to play as a character from one of three distinct races. Does that sound problematic to you? It sure does to me. Of course there’s no option to play as a mixed-race character. The white cisgendered men at Bungie are very much concerned with racial purity.

But wait—it gets worse. Since everyone playing the game will be forced to play as one of these races, what’s going to happen after a few months of play? Are all of the races going to be performing equally? Of course not. After that time, one race will emerge as the clear victor—the supreme, fair-skinned, privilege victor. The purpose of this game is clear: to get us all comfortable with the idea that the superiority of one race over all others is not only natural, but we should all be eagerly working toward that supremacy with our gaming hours.

I would research this further, but I can’t, I just can’t. OK? We just have to boycott. Boycott Destiny. Don’t give these racists any of your money.

Subliminal racist warfare in gaming has been attempted before. They tried to get us all to play their black-people murder-simulator Resident Evil 5. Basement-dwelling gamer morons everywhere complained that we were being paranoid back then. They said that a zombie game that took place in Africa would naturally have African zombies. Nice try, racists. We shut you down back then and we’ll shut you down again when Destiny comes out September 9th.

We need to send a clear message to any pimply-faced corporate shill we encounter that dares to defend this evil piece of racist apologetics. We won’t stand for it. Tell your corporate masters that if they want us to play, they need to make games that don’t punch down. We want games that are about speaking truth to power and affecting social change with awesome graphics and free downloadable content.

We want Equality Fighter 2: The Social Justice Warrior. We want a game where you play as a young lesbian person of color fighting your way through towns that have been overrun with poverty from years of Republican policies. We want a game where you drag secret racists out into the street, expose them, and get them fired from their jobs. We want a game where you beat the shit out of small business owners who don’t want to make wedding cakes for gay couples. We want a game where Jamie Kilstein and Bernie Sanders are unlockable characters. That’s what we want.

We will be on the right side of gaming history.