The Way Girls Who Have Been Hurt Before Pick Their Person


Girls who have been hurt before are hesitant to enter relationships. They don’t want to put their heart on the line and risk having it broken open again. They would rather stay single so there is zero chance of disappointment. 

It doesn’t matter how long ago their heartbreak happened. It could have been months ago or years ago. The pain lingers for a long time when there is an absence of closure.

It’s hard for these girls to trust someone will stay loyal when they have been cheated on before. It’s hard for them to believe someone is planning on staying when they have heard those words before and were abandoned anyway.

Girls who have been hurt before keep a barrier up between them and the rest of the world. They act like they are emotionless because they don’t want anyone to see the real them. They want to keep everyone at a distance. They want to protect themselves and they do that by isolating themselves.

Girls who have been hurt before ignore the voice inside of their head that secretly wants a relationship. They push away the thoughts of love and romance because it’s too painful to think about. They don’t want to set themselves up for disappointment. They don’t want to raise their expectations and have them come crashing down soon.

Girls who have been hurt before are careful. They keep their eyes open for red flags. If you show the slightest signs of toxicity, they are going to notice and walk away before the relationships gets more serious. They are not playing around.

Girls who have been hurt before will only date you after you show them you can be trusted. You have to prove you have good intentions. You have to be willing to put in effort every single day. You have to show you are serious about creating a long-term relationship together. 

Girls who have been hurt before need extra reassurance. Saying you care is not enough. You have to prove you care with your actions. You have to wear your heart on your sleeve. You have to be okay with vulnerability.

Girls who have been hurt before are not going to risk dating you if you send mixed signals. If you only pay attention to them on select days. If you are unsure about what you want from them and are just seeing where things go.

Girls who have been hurt before need to know you are all in. They need to hear you say you’re ready for a commitment. They need to know they aren’t wasting their time and leading themselves toward disaster.

Girls who have been hurt before are going to love again — but they need to find the right person first. A person who will make them feel comfortable, secure, and safe. A person who will convince them the relationship has the potential to last.

A person who would never put them through the same kind of pain they suffered from in the past.