There Are Two Types Of Girls: Why Girls Who Prefer Dogs Make The Best Girlfriends


It is mildly terrifying to adopt your first dog, but once done, a girl with dogs becomes a very special type of person. If you want a girlfriend that understands several important truths about life, you want to date a dog owner. Girls who prefer dogs not only make the best girlfriends, but make pretty exceptional people to have around no matter who you are. Here’s why.

They love to play.

Yes, play! The concept of play is something many adults lose touch with as real life stifles their creativity and joie de vivre. But not girls who love dogs. To have a dog is to be able to drop what you’re doing, even when you are up to your eyes with work to play. The day is short and to sleep well, we need to get a bit silly. Girls who love dogs have the ability to let go of order in order to be free to play.

They understand there is no substitute for affection.

You can feed a dog the most expensive food, exercise it regularly, take it to the groomer, but without affection, your pup will be morose. Girls who love dogs know that we need to take time out of the day to snuggle and express our feelings. Words are great, but actions, displays of affection are what matters to a dog. Date a dog-lover and you will be showered with affection. Actions speak louder than words (and are a hell of a lot more fun).

They know that sometimes, a treat is necessary.

Sure, maybe that adorable dog did nothing to earn that treat, but life is short. Eat the treat! Dating a dog lover means knowing when to indulge and when to give for the simple joy of giving. She might make you shake or roll over first, but she just wants to make sure you’re paying attention.

Dog-loving girls crave adventure.

What was a dog built for if not to accompany you up the steepest mountains and then to enjoy the most beautiful views? Dog-loving girls love to get outside, run full-speed, and sniff out all of life’s most pleasurable pursuits. Sure, we can go the same routes a few times, but a dog-loving girl is one who will always push you to take a new path. We’ve got to find out what’s at the end, right?

They do not sweat the small stuff.

So you got a little dirty or maybe you pulled a dog hair (or 6) out of your food? So what! Dog-loving girls are fearless and they certainly do not let hairy situations stop them from doing anything. Things get spilled, clothes get ruined, hair gets messed up, but in the end, it’s always worth it because we are together and alive. A dog-loving girlfriend is one you will not have to kill spiders for.

They are always learning new tricks.

Dog-loving girls aren’t satisfied to be who they were yesterday. Mastered all of your current tricks? A dog-loving girlfriend is the one who will sign up for dance class, cooking class, float a raging river, or read the newest graphic novel. A dog’s mind is happiest when it is occupied, and so is a dog-loving girl’s. What good are smarts if we don’t use them? These girlfriends love to learn, and will value what they can learn from you.

They define loyalty.

Dog-loving girls know that loyalty is bred from love, and once you’re in their heart, you’re there for good. Even if things don’t work out, dog-loving girls usually keep a special place for you (so long as you didn’t betray them, in which case, look out for teeth!). Having a dog-loving girlfriend means having someone who will always get your back, stand up for you, and do what is in your best interest. Dog-loving girls understand responsibility, and with love comes responsibility to protect. These types of girlfriends will keep your trust safe and tirelessly champion you once you earn their love. Happiness is a warm puppy and a loyal girlfriend.

They make friends easily.

Dog-loving girls are friendly beyond compare. They are the girls who include everyone and make them feel welcome. Right along with not sweating the small stuff, they understand that some people might growl at them, but they remain unphased. If having your friends like your girlfriend is important, a dog-loving girl is one that makes easy connections, as she sees the joy in every wagging tail and wet nose.

Dog-loving girls are a beautiful breed. If you’re lucky enough, you might get to experience what it’s like to have one of these girls jog by your side and lick your face. What more could you want?