There Is Beauty In Your Pieces


You’re the girl that was never enough – not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough. Nothing you could do satisfied – you’re too dark, you’re too fair, you’re too slumped, fix your hair. The critiques came in on a one-track loop, playing from the coaches that are supposed to be in your corner. They came so often that all you saw when you looked in the mirror were your imperfections even though you are a true and natural beauty by every stretch of imagination.

You are the guy that doesn’t care about the sticks and stones because there are ghosts that shake your bones that you can’t get rid of. You’re so far in your head that you can’t see the wonders that you offer, the lives you make better and the hearts you soften just by being you and being present.

You are the person who has been broken. You see yourself as your broken self because they’re constantly being reinforced in so many different capacities. But there is beauty in your pieces.

You’ve built a resiliency you didn’t think was possible to have because you’ve had to keep looking for light in the darkest of places, without stopping, even when it seemed impossible. You’ve encounter events where you want to cry, but you physically can’t cry, because your mind knows that you’re stronger than what’s in front of you. You’ve given unconditionally and do everything in your power to make the lives around you better.

You are the Atlantic cliffs that the unforgiving ocean beats into on repeat, but have remained unwavering in your efforts to withstand them. You are a forest of trees that gale force winds cannot dent. You are a mountain of bedrock that no glacier can erode.

Stay uncompromising in who you are and what you know you can do. You were built for these kinds of challenges. You were built to survive, endure and thrive. And the best part… you cannot break from them, you’re already broken, but you’re so much better for it.