There Is No Perfect Person For You


Ladies and Gentlemen,

How long has it been now that you have been waiting for “The One”? I know some of you are looking at this and saying, “pfft, I don’t believe in ‘The One’”. Now, let’s not lie to ourselves. In your heart of hearts, you know you do. Love is the thing that even the biggest non-believer believes in. But, let me tell you the disappointing truth.

There is no perfect person for you.

See the story is, there is no perfect person for anyone because as individuals we are barely perfect. You can have a person who will mostly get you in all situations. Someone who holds your hair when you are puking your guts out after drinking at your friend’s house but steps out when you tell him/her that you don’t need their help anymore. Who understands that it’s your day to zone out and spend time with your friends and hence, doesn’t call you up or text you unnecessarily.

Yes, they still hold your hand randomly when you are walking down the road and sneaks in a kiss as you climb the stairs to the pub for karaoke night. But they also let your head rest on their lap and let you cry when you are overwhelmed with a certain failure that particularly bothers you. They take your call at 1 in the afternoon when they are in the middle of an important work assignment, just to tell you that they are busy at that moment and they will call you back. And they do call you back. They know you are broke and pay for your dinner for the date night that you coaxed them into going for. But they listen to you when you insist on paying the bill the next time around. They push the bill towards you on your next date without any second thoughts. That isn’t a concern for them at all.

They don’t conform to gender roles. They are not perfect because they may kick you in their sleep or push you off the bed or forget to switch off the light every time they leave the house. They are not perfect because they wake up with goop in their eyes and messy hair and drool running down the side of their face. They probably make you late for work because they are lazy.

But these are the things you accept. These are the things that make them endearing to you.

When you met them for the first time, they were probably nothing like you thought “The One” would be because they are not. They do things that annoy you and you learn to live with it. They are just the person you are insanely comfortable with and it has nothing to do with the way they look.

Since there is no perfect, they are the best among the lot you know you can find. They are the one who say “Your Mess is Mine”. They are the reason you stop looking for “The One”.