There Is No Right Time To Follow Your Dreams


It was THE worst time to begin something new. I was defending my Master’s thesis, I was planning to move out of my place in Houston, I was trying to figure out how the hell I was going to move to LA. I had started remote work, was finishing the school year teaching seniors, and in the wake of a breakup. Woof.

There was NO reason and EVERY excuse to not do it.

But even still, I did.

I started my yoga instagram and began sharing my journey of self-realization.

I signed up for yoga teacher training.

And when everything pointed to stay safe, save up, just wait, my heart said do the damn thing.

My heart said you were made for this, so you must.

Our mind/ego/whatever you want to call it can play a lot of tricks on us. It keeps us cozy in our nice little comfort zone; that’s its job.

It will construct barriers and obstacles out of almost anything.

It will fuel us with excuse after excuse.

It convinces us to stay super safe and that we’re just not cut out for our dream life.

That no one in our family has done it before, so we can’t.

That it’s selfish or greedy to live BIG.

That there’s no possible way.

That there’s not enough time or money or creativity or resources.

The day I started acting like I believed it could get better, it did.

Not instantly. Not overnight. But with time, with showing up and showing up and growing and getting uncomfortable and feeling better and still showing up.

What I found is that to get a result you’ve never gotten, you have to do something differently.

You’ve got to see it in your mind AND be it day to day.

Can you be the expansive, amazing human you are while you’re still finishing your 9 to 5?

Can you be the big dreamer and creative genius you truly are while waiting in line or cooking for your family?

Can you be fulfilled and satisfied and eager for more all at the same time?

Well, what are you waiting for?