There Is Nothing Stronger Than A Woman Who Is Unafraid To Love Herself


Positive body campaigns only do so much. Sure, they raise awareness and they’ve begun to spread acceptance for not just different body shapes, but outward health struggles and handicaps as well. I truly believe our society is making a conscious effort to redefine beauty. Not everyone is on board and it might never be widely accepted, but hey, at least we’re making a fucking effort.

OK, so we’re talking about the issues that women face on the daily. It’s slowly building sisterhood, confidence, and resiliency in women. It’s going so far as to change how the next generation of females are raised and taught to view themselves. It’s beautiful.

However, there is one thing that I find is not as popular to talk about: that moment when a woman stares fear in the face and says, “No.” 

I will not wear your expectations on my skin.

I will not hide in shame.

I will not run away.

I will not bow to fear.

Fear of rejection and fear that you will not see my value does not dictate or influence my life decisions.

What some don’t understand is that body confidence is a choice for some, and it consists of little everyday moments that are actually big moments when a woman says no. Choosing not to wear makeup, choosing not to shave, choosing not to hide a birthmark, choosing not to hide in shame over her appearance.

It sounds insignificant, but you see we’re taught from the beginning that we are only as valuable as the makeup we wear on our skin and the tight clothes we constrict our bodies with – the ability to visually please those around us. As if that is our only purpose. We’re taught to be ashamed of “imperfections” that really aren’t imperfections. “Imperfections” are the realities of living life and they are beautiful because they are not being worn; they are the parts that make the whole. They cannot be separated from the individual because they are a part of her.

Every day we weigh our self-worth against society’s lies, and it takes balls, – no, it takes ovaries – to accept and cherish what others find ugly. So own who and what you are because it’s a waste of time to hide your shine. You are not made up of imperfections. You are radiant light. Share your shine.