There Is Nothing To Fear When Change Comes Knocking


It’s funny how a love story can be a tragic one with just a simple sentence. Either a firm and upright attitude or a shaky and shameful one. It takes only just a second to ruin a wonderful relationship, the one that you thought will never end, the one you’ve always been dreaming of, and the person whom you thought you’ll gonna spend the rest of your life with. That moment can take all your happiness out of your system turning it in to despair, worry and denial. Love into ignorance, rejection, anger and disappointment.

It will make your eyes water, heart shatter, and mind to go insane. Love songs you hear will make you cringe, making you turn the stereo off because you are sick of remembering that you can never get all those happy times back. It takes only one time to keep you away from your usual routine of waking up waiting for a text, sharing your stress with a call, and ending the day with a dinner date.

It will never be the same after that. Everything will change in an instant and you have to deal with every bit of change because it never stops. One will have to live through pain for days, or weeks rather. You will have to sleep missing someone and wake up hoping you’d stay asleep a little more just to keep you from remembering that you are on your own. Letting you drown with work will be the only thing that can make you feel at peace because doing nothing is even more stressful than being busy. It will ruin you, break you in to pieces, and you will have to deal with it alone.

But always remember that as the time passes by, you will get used to the feeling of being on your own. You get to appreciate the things you never thought you’d notice. Like having a meal alone can make you taste the sweetness of the food you’re eating. The long walks at the park going home can make you see how beautiful it is to feel the cold fresh air and the silent fall of rain. In bed, feeling the softness of your pillow, and the freedom of space is even better than sharing it with anyone else. Little things will matter to you and you start to know your worth.

Slowly in time, you will get to realize how important you are to the people around you. To the friends who have been there from the first time you met and the time that person left. To the workmates who keeps you sane by reminding you it’s time to be choose yourself. Your father who hugs you when you needed to be hugged, mother who gets really angry seeing you cry and destroy yourself. You will see that there are much more important people in your life that you took for granted because you were busy asking for his love.

Then eventually you will notice that everything is falling in to place again. You will finally start to meet new people because you are ready. You no longer afraid of hurting because you now know your worth, stop when it’s too much, love more deeply when it is right. You will be good at both worlds; being alone and being with someone. You now know your limits.

It sounds so right isn’t it? You will get there eventually. Keep up and survive every day. And always know that new beginnings be the best.