There Is Nothing Wrong With Dating A Million Different Boys


Some girls like to stay single, to hold out for a boy who they are positive will make a perfect boyfriend. They are patient enough to wait for the one that they deserve instead of wasting time on the wrong ones.

But other girls put themselves out there more often. They don’t hold their heart back. They date someone new every few months, every year. They consider all of their options.

They realize that it doesn’t matter how many different boys they date. It doesn’t matter how high their number is and how many exes they have, as long as they are happy at the end of the day.

When they find someone that they like spending time with, they are going to pursue that person. They are going to see where things take them. And if it feels right in the moment, they are going to kiss that person and sleep with that person.

If things don’t work out between them in the end, that is okay. They don’t have regrets about what their past selves decided to do. Maybe in retrospect someone wasn’t great for them, but they didn’t know that in the moment. In the moment, it felt like the right thing to do. And they will never feel bad about following their heart. They will never be ashamed of doing what they wanted to do.

These girls are brave enough to take risks. To experiment. To agree to go out on a date with a boy that might be their future husband or might be their next ex.

They would rather be upset about making a move and ending up disappointed than never making a move in the first place and wondering what if… They would rather live. They would rather listen to their urges.

These girls aren’t afraid of being called promiscuous or accused of playing the field. They don’t care what anyone else thinks of them, because their love life is no one else’s business. Besides, their real friends will understand that they aren’t trying to hurt anyone. They’re only trying to find true love.

Don’t be mistaken — these girls aren’t dating around because they have low standards. They are just willing to live dangerously. They want to see what is out there. They want to date the wrong boys, so they know what to look for in the future and what to stay the hell away from in the future.

They realize that every relationship is a learning experience. That every date will teach them something new about themselves.

Even though these girls have been in a lot of different relationships, they aren’t opposed to monogamy, to staying with one person forever. They just know when to get out of a relationship. They will never stay with a boy they know is wrong for them, just because it will look bad if they go through another breakup. Just because they are embarrassed of admitting that they chose wrong.

These girls are brave enough to hand their heart over again and again — because they know that, one day, they will give it to the right person.