There Might Be A Portal For Spirits At This Haunted Hotel In Washington


I love Halloween. It has been and probably always will be my favorite day of the year. I mean, when else do you get to come across “normal” people who actually want to talk about the supernatural? I am always amused at how it seems on that day and that day only, it is as if everyone gives themselves permission to be as curious as they want and to be actual enthusiastic believers in things that go bump in the night. It is as if all the crazy has been removed from any opinion or notion about the afterlife. I love it that on Halloween, I don’t actually dress up to be someone else…I get to be me.

This year I decided I wanted to spend the night in a documented haunted hotel the night of Halloween. I researched areas first and decided Port Townsend seemed like the most intriguing area to visit. After tossing the idea out to my boyfriend to see if he would be into it, I decided to call The Palace Hotel to see if there were any rooms available. I had not researched a thing yet. I only googled for haunted hotels in that area and a couple came up in the search. However, I did not click on any of the links….

Right when I was about to dial the number to the hotel, my boyfriend asked if we should look up which rooms are haunted so we could ask for one of them. I replied, “Nope! Let’s see what the spirits have in store for us.” I called the number and was met with the most pleasant of voices on the other end of the line. He stated there was a room available for two nights and I booked it. At the end of the conversation he let me know he had me down for two nights in Room No. 4.

That’s when I dove for my laptop to find which rooms at the Palace Hotel had the most activity. Turned out Room No. 4 was one of them. I always love it when things like that happen. That to me is confirmation of being and allowing — the kind of things that make up fate and synchronicity. I stopped reading the article after I saw Room No. 4 mentioned. I don’t like to be influenced in any way by stories or others experiences when I go into a documented haunted environment — even historic places. I like to see what I pick up and research after. It helps me to verify my findings. It also helps me sharpen my gifts and not be lazy. Lastly, it nips any power of suggestion in the bud so I can have a genuine experience, which at the end of the day is all I want.

We arrived at Port Townsend in the afternoon and as we drove around the beautiful downtown area, I felt a mixture of pure excitement and an underlying bit of fear of what to expect. When we got to the hotel to check-in, my right ear went out as soon as we entered the building. This is always my tell-tale sign that I am crossing paths with things unseen. Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we went out for a quick lunch. That was difficult for me. I wanted to get to the room and walk through the door for the first time. Then, I would know if the room had a presence and all of this curious energy of mine would be satisfied. And that meant I could concentrate on enjoying this cool new city.

Finally, we got back to the hotel and we made our way up the flight of stairs. That’s where my eyes became fixated on a painting of a woman hanging or should I say, looming at the head of the stairway.

We turned the corner and came to Room No. 4. I put the key in the lock and opened the door. This is when I wish I could just hook myself up to this article so you could feel what is so difficult for me to put into words. Unless you have worked on your abilities (I believe we all have them to a point), it is almost impossible to understand.

Physically, at once, I felt dizzy. I felt nauseous and my legs felt like noodles. This wasn’t because of a negative force in the room, but I truly felt I walked into and through a different realm — a realm that doesn’t move and exist at the speeds we do, and one that if you stay around it for long periods of time, you really feel the physical effects of it.

I greeted whomever was in the room and thanked them for allowing us to enter and stay for the next couple of days. I unpacked and let my body get acclimated to the energy in the room. That is when I decided to get out my camera to start filming. I will say from what information I received while staying in Room No. 4, I believe there is a portal in that room. It is located right near the doorway of the room. If you’ve ever watched Finding Nemo, you will remember the scene with the turtles when they are taking the highway through the ocean. I forget what they call it, but it is fast-moving and they all hop in it when they want to get to other places of the vast expanse of the ocean. This is what this portal felt like to me. Thousands traveling together. Some pop in and stay for awhile, some keep going.

As far as the woman presence that everyone says they feel at the hotel, there seems to be much speculation as to who she is and why she stays, but with little to no factual proof. During my time at the hotel, I was able to make out that she was very much in love with a man. This man appeared to me to having darker skin — maybe Native American. He died and she stays by this portal…hoping he may come through. I received no clear answer as to whether she is even connected to the hotel or if the portal is why she has made it her home. What I felt is they have not been able to find each other in the afterlife. Why? I can’t give an answer. A curse maybe? Something keeps them apart. I only received that they were not supposed to be together and there was much grief and trauma in that. Only my opinion…as is all the impressions that any medium that comes there may receive. I am going to stop here with my personal experiences and offer the proof of what we experienced.

This first video, you will see a spirit orb shoot out from the microwave area. It turns indigo blue as it zigzags straight for the camera. I took this early in the evening on Halloween night. It is truly phenomenal!

The next video, you will see many spirit orbs…but make sure you watch around the 2:20 mark of the video as I ask the orbs to really manifest and for one to really blow my mind. Look in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and you will see an orb twinkle just like Tinkerbell or a firefly. It will do it again as it moves to the left. The rest of the video you will literally see hundreds appear. You will be able to differentiate the dust particles from the orbs.

I would like to say that my stay at The Palace Hotel was one of the most delightful experiences I have had at a “haunted” hotel. This is coming from a woman who stayed a full week in the haunted room at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado. The Palace Hotel is charming and the staff is amazingly friendly. I will also go as far to say that the spirits are as well.

This post originally appeared at The Closet Clairvoyant.