There Will Come A Time After Your Breakup When You Can Breathe Again


There will come a time when you can breathe again. You’re going to be okay

Break ups seep into your very essence. They fill you up with a sensation of loss and longing, one that you can’t seem to satiate with anything other than them. You become consumed, unable to do anything without them being your focus.


One day, you will wake up and feel different. It may not be a massive change, but it will be enough. Your heart will beat steadily in your chest and your feet will find contact with the floor. You won’t jump straight on your phone to see if you-know-who has messaged, and it will be a while before you stalk their Instagram.

You’ll get ready slowly, and take care of your appearance. Not on the off chance you’ll bump into them, but because you want to present yourself well.

You’ll make your morning coffee and not even think about getting another mug out. Breakfast will be fancier than normal; you’ll make an effort to treat yourself to the nutrition you deserve.

You’ll go about your day with care, making plans for the future and not worrying whether your free days will clash with a potential day your ex may also be free. You’ll immerse yourself in tasks, and time will pass. You’ll smile and enjoy the little things again.

The commute home will be joyful, you’ll see the people around you with fresh eyes and you won’t dread coming home. Songs will start to take on a new meaning again, and you can get through that playlist without tears pricking your eyes.

In the evening, silence will be your friend. You’ll be content with your own company. You’ll be in the moment, not in the ones you’re desperately holding onto from the past. You’ll accept what has been will always be, and that it cannot be changed by wishful thinking or hope. You’ll accept the emotions as they come and ride it out.

You’ll eventually forget, but you’ll also not realize that you’ve forgotten.