There’s A New Viral ‘Trend’ Where People Throw Their Cats As Far As They Can And It’s Super Fucked Up


The world is a fucked up, terrible place, and this is proof: there’s a new online “trend” where guys throw/kick their cats because they think it’s “funny”, even though it’s fucking not.

It all started with this dumbass dude who launched his cat into a street, obviously hurting the animal on impact.

In the fucked up video (that I advise you DON’T watch), you can hear the cat howling in pain when it hits the ground. What’s almost worse is that the tweet gained 29,000 likes and 20,000 retweets. I guess that goes to show how shitty humanity has become.

The unnamed 16-year-old from California has since been arrested and charged for animal abuse (in case you didn’t believe the video was real), and while the cat survived, it was injured.

Since the video circulated, others have taken to harming their own cats in the name of “comedy,” including this Twitter account that posted a slew of similar videos and this tweet about a high schooler throwing his own cat over a fence.

Newsflash, guys: harming living beings is NOT a fun, cutesy trend. And if you think it is, have fun dealing with the consequences.