There’s Always More Out There For You To Discover


Expose yourself to the world and see what’s out there to be discovered. Be immersed in it and its infinite options.

Get to know people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Listen to their stories and know more about the way they live their lives. Let this expand your horizons.

Listen to others’ problems. Maybe when you do so, you will realize how your biggest problems aren’t that big, actually.

Discover what’s out there and all that life has to offer. Maybe then you will realize that your biggest dreams aren’t so big after all.

See how people worship god in so many different ways and how others surrender spiritually to what they believe in. Maybe then you will be inspired. Maybe then you will discover and ignite a divine spirituality that has been hidden within you for so long. Maybe this can teach you how to give more in your worshipping journey and feel it more intensely.

Explore as much as you can of the love that’s out there. Explore different ways of loving and different kinds. See how others love in ways you never thought existed. Maybe then you will realize that love is so much bigger than the idea that was in your head all along.

Live life and explore it as much as you can and as intensely as you can. Open your mind and your heart to embrace all that’s out there. Be open for change, inspiration, and new things that might invite chaos into your life and your mind—be open for things that might shake everything you thought you were so sure about.

The world is big. The world is beyond all that we think it is. God created so many hidden gems inside of it, in every corner and in every person you meet. And it’s the beauty of life’s journey to discover these gems and discover things you never knew existed before and feel things you never thought you could ever feel.

Never think that this is it. Or that life has nothing more to offer you. There’s always more out there that’s waiting for you to discover it. There’s always more out there that life can offer you and make you experience.