There’s Another ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff In The Works And It’ll Probably Be Terrible


Ever since How I Met Your Mother ended, there have been rumors about the writers creating a spinoff of the show. Once again, the rumors are back, and all I can say is: can you not.

Originally, the spinoff was going to be called How I Met Your Father and would consist of a new cast of characters as one woman recounts to her children the story of — you guessed it — how she met their dad. Except, if you ask me, that sounds like an awful idea.

Don’t get me wrong, How I Met Your Mother wasn’t terrible. Except for that last season. That was terrible. But otherwise, it worked well enough as a sitcom — it could be funny, witty, relatable on good days. Despite that, I can’t imagine cycling through the same tropes all over again. I’m not really interested in watching another lovesick puppy cycle through terrible relationships just to fake us out over and over again. Besides, I’m just not sure you could recreate the show’s magic without making it feel tired or recycled.

But also, let’s be real: even How I Met Your Mother ran out of steam at the end, finishing off the show in a way that left most viewers unsatisfied. Does it even really deserve a spinoff at this point?

But I guess this time they’ve decided to try it out again with new writers and possibly without the gender-bending plot. Instead of using the material already written for How I Met Your Father, the writers have instead decided to start from scratch, meaning it could be a new plotline entirely, which also means it may or may not include some of the classic HIMYM characters.

Still, even knowing I’m not going to have to watch a female Ted Mosby fuck up in love again and again and again (I didn’t even like the male Ted Mosby), I’m not really looking forward to the idea of a spinoff. It was a good show while it lasted, so let’s just leave it at that.