There’s Going To Be A Strawberry Moon On June 28th And Here’s Everything You Need To Know About How It Can Change Your Life


Many don’t pay attention to the moon — unless there’s an eclipse, blue moon or rather large full moon. Mysteries always surrounded the moon and its four phases. Some people refuse to have surgery during a full moon since many thought the body’s fluids were also at their highest.

The full moons come with many names and legends from different cultures — they even get their own month. The full moon in June gets the name of Strawberry Moon since wild strawberries begin to ripen. The Algonquin tribe named the June full moon for this reason. Other names associated with the June full moon include the Rose Moon, Hot Moon, Honey and Mead Moon, though the Mead Moon refers more of a need to mow lush meadows than drink mead. It depends on who you ask.

Strawberry Moon Is on the Rise — Woah, Bittersweet

The full Strawberry Moon rises over the horizon at 12:53 a.m. EST on June 28, and you may get a wild hair to go pick some wild strawberries while listening to “Strawberry Wine” and reminiscing about your first love — it’s always the dang car isn’t it? The fields have grown over by now, and Deanna Carter picked July over June in her song — but shh. Feel the mood.

That’s what’s coming. You’re going to remember those firsts, and yeah — woah, bittersweet. While not green to life experiences any longer, you’ll see the past with different eyes because this moon reminds you to dare to get in the thick heat of things. It’s how you learn and grow.

Revisit the positive bittersweet experiences, such as eating watermelon outside at the family reunion and navigating your first kiss — the one that was way fishier than the guy with the car.

Longest Day Leads to Thoughtful Full Moon Night

June’s always a weird month in a highly magical sense because it’s the middle of the year. Summer solstice signals the longest day of the year around the 21st as you feel your potential ripen like those strawberries. Almost there. You’re ready to burst with emotion and excitement.

So, when the Strawberry Moon rises, and you can’t sleep because of that full moon magic — embrace the experience. Scientifically speaking, the full moon does affect your ability to fall and stay asleep. It’s called the “Transylvania Effect,” and among medical workers, 40 percent believe moon phases have some impact on folks. Like it or not, science confirms you’re still tied to the moon, and nature still has lessons for you, too.

Do You Dare Take the Strawberry Moon Sensory Challenge?

The senses lead to memory, especially smell. So, here’s a challenge for you. Live strongly in the present using your five senses in the days leading up to and after the Strawberry Moon. Focus on the three days before and after the full moon because that’s how things always come, in threes. What smells, sights, sounds and other sensations invoke memory in you?

What do you find yourself craving? What do you notice about the world and your current life circumstances with this exercise? Keep this in mind as you take in the Strawberry Moon on June 28.

What you focus on will gain energy through observation, and that’s why it’s important to stay focused on the present. So, get that wild hair, eat some wild or store-tamed strawberries and embrace the moment. The full moon has a way of bringing out the wild things in everyone.

You may feel the heightened energy. Take it slowly, and when you feel ready to go back inside, focus on things that relax you. Return to childhood comforts. Make a toasted cheese sandwich. Listen to an old song. Thirty doesn’t seem so old, anymore — does it?

Heck, scare the neighbors! If you live in a rural area, build a small fire in the fire pit, kick back and look up. Wait until the mysterious third hour in the deep dark of the night and let out a howl. Maybe it’s better to stick with eating the strawberries.

Get Ready for Moon Magic

Check the newspaper and weather reports in advance, so you’ll be prepared. Set your clock and get ready to experience that old full moon magic! Sit on your porch with a glass of wine and strawberries dipped in chocolate as you revisit how memory enraptures you.