There’s No Right Or Wrong When It Comes To Choosing Your Life Path


Is it wrong if we don’t know what the whole crowd is now talking about? Is it wrong if we don’t like what everybody loves? Is it wrong if we are leading the pathways that others are not taking? Is it wrong if we are too independent? Is it wrong if we are not what you expected us to be?

We are not sorry if we don’t know what you are talking about because we choose information that is beneficial and not for the sake of belongingness. We are not sorry if we don’t like the things you love because we know what we love. We are not sorry for not following the common pathways because we follow our own instincts. We are not sorry for being too independent because we know we do not owe our lives to somebody else. We are not sorry for being who we are because we value authenticity.

We can enjoy our life in our own terms. Don’t let the social norms make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let other people to label you with their own criteria or to evaluate you with their own measurements.

There’s no right and wrong when it comes to choosing the pathway of your life. It’s just about doing or not doing the things you’ve always wanted to try. Regret comes from not taking responsibility for the choices you made and blaming other people for the circumstances you are facing.

We won’t let the feeling of regret take away the faith we have for the unforeseen future. We won’t blame others for the choices we made. We won’t just stop here and wait for the miracle to happen.

We do have a voice to speak up, we do have the power to fight for what we believe in, we do have the authenticity in us that we want to protect, we do have forgiveness for ourselves and for other people who brought us pain.

The outside chaos won’t shake me, the foundation I’ve built won’t break down, and the seed I have sown will grow in the midst of harsh weather.