These 11 Hilarious Bar Signs Will Make You Want To Start Drinking ASAP


Just in case you needed another reason to drink, these signs are definitely giving us one. I’m not sure when bars decided they needed to step up their advertising game, but it’s working — suddenly, that fifth shot sounds like a very, very good idea.

Check out this sign, for instance. If ~ life ~ wasn’t enough reason to down a few Coronas, they’ve got plenty of other suggestions to help you justify your alcoholism.

A friendly reminder that alcohol really isn’t to blame.

Some sage advice from our friend tequila.

For the romantic looking to get turnt.

If you’re looking for a bar that knows what all the youths are interested in.

Alcohol is almost always the solution.

For the newly single.

Honestly though, what’s with double standards these days?

This way you can tell your coworkers you’re just “going out for lunch”, not “fueling your alcoholism at 11 a.m.”

In case you need a place to drink that reflects the current state of affairs.

This may not be a bar sign, but it’s sold me all the same.

Drink up, friends. You’re gonna need it.