These 5 Ted Talks Will Change Your Life For The Better


I have watched many Ted Talks but few have managed to influence my life permanently. So I decided to gather them in a list. The order of the talks is completely random. I don’t see any point in comparing, especially when it comes down to Ted. There are plenty of talks given and you can learn something valuable from each and every one.

1. The Journey Across The High Wire by Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit is a high-wire artist, whose life is full of amazing feasts. In this Ted Talk he takes you on a journey from his card-trick learnt at the age of 6 to the tightrope walk he did between the Twin Towers. This talk is not only a life story, it is a look inside the world of a great man with 6 memorable principles, which he reveals with unforgettable style. You will not only find his presentation inspirational but highly amusing as well.

2. Go With Your Gut Feeling by Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker’s story is one of the greatest I have heard in my entire life. He captivated me with his calm, almost ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude towards life. If you want to learn more about the real life Forest Gump who drives Porches for fun, has millions of dollars and a gigantic beard than this is definitely the Ted Talk for you.

3. How To Travel The World With Almost No Money by Tomislav Perko

According to Tomislav Perko a lot of people find financial excuses not to travel the world. He went on a magnificent adventure to prove them wrong. And he did it. In this Ted Talk he shares all the methods he used to travel the world with almost no money. If you are into travelling I highly recommend this video. He reveals invaluable information related to transportation and accommodation.

4. TEDxBerkeley by Dan Millman

I can’t be unbiased when writing about Dan Millman because his philosophy has influenced my life a lot. I find the lesson he teaches profoundly liberating. In a world filled with “self-development gurus” it’s difficult to spot the real guys who offer practical advice with real value.

Having written “Way of The Peaceful Warrior” Dan definitely proves his place in that list. His work is an inspiration I whole-heatedly recommend exploring. You can start by watching his Ted Talk and then if you don’t feel like reading his whole book, you can watch the movie it was adapted into – “Peaceful Warrior.”

5. A Simple Way To Break A Bad Habit by Judson Brewer

Judson Brewer offers a new and interesting perspective into the art of habit breaking. The ideas he includes in his talk are scientifically backed up and really make sense. At first I was slightly disappointed when Judson introduced the notion of “mindful smoking” in his talk.

Later on, however, he proved his point by giving clear explanation of how a specific part of the brain works, when we confront habits in particular emotional conditions. The title is not misleading, it is really a simple way and it actually works. And as all previous talks, it might change your life!