These Are The 10 Types Of Friends You Have In Your 20s




1. The Party Animal

This friend is always down for a good time. If you’re looking for something to do, you can text them and know that you’ll be invited to brunch or a concert within minutes. You probably can’t count on them if you need a ride home from the airport or emotional support after your boyfriend dumps you, but if you wanna party, hit ’em up. You wouldn’t have half of your good party stories without this person.

2. The Childhood Bestie

This friend is the only one who’s known you through your awkward stages (like braces and swooped bangs and glitter belts) and is still by your side.

3. The Makeshift Therapist

This friend is the one who you know will listen to your problems and give you actual sound advice. You have to meet up with them once a month to vent or you’ll basically explode.

4. Cubical Companion

This friend is your best work friend. You snark about your job with them and they understand all the workplace drama.

5. The Only-If-They’re-Single Friend

This friend is awesome and there for you and really fun – unless they get a boyfriend then you don’t see them until their next breakup.

6. The Study Buddy

This friend is always down to go to the library with you when finals start creeping up again. They stay as late as you do and know where to get the best coffee. Even when you’re not studying for the same class, it’s just nice to be together.

7. The Mom

This friend is always checking in on you and making sure you’re drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. Honestly, they’re going to be the best parent ever and you’re glad they’re training with you.

8. The Adventurous Spirit

This friend always pulls you into new experiences like a new kind of food or skydiving. You probably wouldn’t do half the crazy things you did in your 20s if it weren’t for this person.

9. The Ringleader

This friend is in charge of making plans for your group. They group text you Friday morning and give you the lowdown of the plans for the weekend – and everyone is grateful for them. Without them, you guys would be unorganized and bored.

10. The Optimist

This friend looks on the bright side of things, a perspective which you’re sometimes desperately in need of. You’re lucky to have this friend because they lift you right out of your dark days.