These Are The Best Celebrity Memes To Get You Ready For The Met Gala


It’s Met Gala Monday, which means we’ll have plenty of fabulous photos of celebrities in their finest outfits to look through tonight. But for now, it means doing what the Internet does best: celebrating with dank memes.

Are you ready? Because we’re ready. Let’s rewind and take a moment to honor all our favorite looks in Met Gala: meme edition.

Who could forget Rihanna’s stunning yellow dress? Because we definitely haven’t.

Sorry, Rhi Rhi, we had to.

Speaking of Sarah Jessica Parker…

Let’s not forget Beyonce’s interesting choice in fashion last year.

Solange wasn’t able to escape the memes, either.

What’s with all these celebs looking like food, anyway?

I guess it could be worse…

Kimye really can’t catch a break.


At least they don’t remind us of a clamation chicken?

What’s with all these throwbacks to our favorite childhood movies?

Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny.

Can’t wait to see what the night will bring us. All I can say is, bring on the memes!