These Are The Things I Truly Believe In


I believe in songs on the radio. In shuffle. In chance giving you all the signs you could possibly want. I believe in music, the one song you only ever needed to hear. The melody, the words, letting you know it isn’t just you. There are others out there, the ones who get you. Somewhere across miles, even oceans, someone else felt lost and confused. Someone else set a beat to the feeling seeping into your heart.

I believe in fortune cookies. In the handful set on your table. The end of the meal, how could fate step in when it gives you something you’ve had before? Ink typed on a page allowing all the meaning you will let it. A piece of trust inside something so small. Trust in the universe, in chance, in more than what you can see in your hands.

I believe in the sunrise. In even the worst days ending, the wind piercing your bones walking home through the dark. Coats doing nothing against the outside. The sun will come up tomorrow. The bad will end and blue with eventually come with it. Eyes will adjust as the rays escape through the clouds. The light on your face warming even the coldest of places. Insides that were hollow will fill up with the colors, each day newly painted as long as one remembers to trust.

I believe in taking risks. In living life as worst as you can. It’s a risk loving all you come in contact with, love is never guaranteed. There are people who will eat up all you give them, asking for more when you think you’ve almost run out. There will be ones who will love you back with all their atoms. Believing in the risk you take just by breathing in the air. The others thirsty for passion, finding what burns them and letting it consume. I believe in souls who light up gold when incased by the fire.

I believe in being nervous, being terrified. The butterflies in your stomach fluttering when you see how far you can go. When failure causes the conditioned response, but still holding your head up high. Putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward at all times. You have to build to a run, sprinting doesn’t last forever. I believe in the long inhale, in walking out the door on days it’s pouring and with no idea what to expect.

I believe in you. In us. In loving all the moments. In the times when you’re on the ground and can barely make out the stars. When it’s so dark and freezing and you don’t think you will ever be warm again. When you lose something important to you, the failure weighing on your shoulders. When you wonder how anyone is able to walk uphill after their hearts were snatched out of their chests. I believe in purpose, in letting it find you just by trying everything you can. Boundless opportunities if you are willing to look underneath. I believe in timing, in chance, in never giving up even if you fail. In starting over, in taking a step back, in pausing for the world to see you are trying to help. I believe in solutions, if we keep looking, keep experimenting, we will find them. In trying to create in your little moments, in the only moment we know we have.

I believe in the flow of life from one to another, in being kind.