These Are The Things They Don’t Tell You About Falling Deeply In Love With The Wrong Person


The wrong person is not really wrong. No one is ever entirely wrong. No one is ever entirely anything.

When you fall in love with what you’ll later call the wrong person, you’ll be hiding from the fact that he wasn’t really that bad. That in fact it’s everything good about him that made you fall in love with him in the first place. That you saw his worst qualities things that you could pay no heed to because there’s something better within him that you managed to see.

They don’t tell you that sometimes it’s the hardest thing to get over him, that sometimes you’ll never get over him, not entirely. We never entirely get over anything or anyone. There’ll always be this part of them in your heart. There’ll always be their mark left as a scar on your heart but one that on so many days you’ll be happy about, proud that you gave it some of your time.

They don’t tell you that when you love the wrong person and leave him it doesn’t mean that you don’t love him anymore, just that the pain of being together is more than the one of loving him and you’ll have to put an end to that. Loving him will be painful sometimes, it’s true, but not until you put an end to it that you realize it was painful. It won’t be painful because he’s definitely a bad person but because sometimes he wants more than what you think you can give but at the same time you want to be what he wants because you really loved him.

They don’t tell you that sometimes you won’t even wish to meet the right person because you’re never really sure that you could meet someone who would feel as right as the wrong one once did.

They don’t tell you that nothing ever seems as bad when it ends. Nothing in life I mean. When something is over mostly you just tend to not remember the bad much. So when you’re recalling from your memory, you’ll only remember the good. And The bad will be like traces so many times, you won’t even know why you’re no longer together.

They don’t tell you that you’ll forget what he was on that day when his temper was out of control and that time when you could see other people in his eyes but not you, but you’d remember that day when he held you in his arms when you told him that you’re afraid of the thunder and that day when he hugged you tightly out of nowhere and said he’s afraid he’d ever lose you.

What they don’t tell you about falling in love with the wrong person is that in some magical humanly heartbreakingly foolish way you sometimes wish you could meet him again, that you may have another chance together. Make things right this time.

They don’t tell you how if that chance was given to you, you’d think one more time. You’d stand before him. You won’t know whether to refuse it. Or to give it a try because maybe people could change, maybe we’re meant to be full of flaws and because you can’t really fall out of love with a person and maybe it’s okay to make a foolish mistake if it’s what your heart wanted. Maybe we learn from our mistakes.

They don’t tell you that when you love the wrong person, you’re at risk even after the relationship between you ends, because how could you be sure it ever really ended.