These Are The Types Of Words You Should Be Sent


You’ve been left on read again by someone you had a great date with last Saturday night. The person you thought loved you with the same fervor that you loved them dumped you via text for someone else after months of sharing days spent at museums, afternoons exchanging family life stories, and nights spent bearing your body and soul while excitedly playing Call Of Duty and watching Netflix. The person you’d been excitedly exchanging messages on Ok Cupid with texts you after a lukewarm date and opts out of a relationship with you because you didn’t meet their standards of beauty after all. Answers of K show up in a blue box at the bottom of heartfelt messages detailing what you love about someone you’d recently fallen for. Angry words of defensiveness and emojis with reddened, furious faces flick across your phone’s screen when you ask someone you’d been seeing weekly about why they always want to see you for a 10 PM hook-up instead of a 10 AM breakfast. Mockery of your love of the Jonas Brother’s newest album and your overall “basic” tastes come up after you suggest going to a concert for date night with a new romantic prospect.

You don’t deserve these words that have been hurled at you, full of maybes and casual language, a fear of commitment and unrequited feelings, and a denigration of your interests and your looks.

You deserve words that go beyond double taps and likes, retweets and story mentions, lukewarm text messages, and stiff comments left underneath Facebook statuses.

You deserve words that detail how beautiful they find you, how comforting they find your compassionate nature, and how loving they find your heart.

You deserve words that invite you to both a 10 AM breakfast and a 7 PM concert because they want to spend time with you cloaked in the daylight and the night sky.

You deserve words containing sweet lyrics from your favorite Jonas Brothers songs along with other beloved songs that show the affection they feel for you.

You deserve words in cards and underneath pictures that are soaked in adoration, certainty, and commitment to you.

You deserve words that detail how much they look forward to spending a night in watching Netflix with you, going out to a new, trendy restaurant on a planned date night with you, and everything in between.

You deserve words that warm you when it’s cold and fan the hot flames of desire when you need it.

You deserve words that heal you when you’re sick, hungry, or tired.

You deserve words that feel like a warm hug from your best friend and give you the rich nourishment of a home cooked meal from your mom.

You deserve words that assuage your fears when you’re scared of your own thoughts and the hardships that life can bring.

You deserve words that validate your feelings with their understanding and cradle your trauma with their softness.

You deserve words that speak to you like a cherished friend and tell you of how loved you are in your totality- your flaws and imperfections, your likes and dislikes, and your love of early-aughts pop music.

You deserve words that uplift you and cheer you on in all of your endeavors.

You deserve words that take note of the small details about important people, dates, and places in your life, remembering to take a great interest in learning of the ways that these things shaped you into who you are now.

You deserve words that tell you of how joyous your presence to both their life and the world at large.

You deserve words that make you see that love can be found on the other side of heartbreak.

You deserve words that make you believe that love can be magical and spectacular instead of torturous and fair-weather.

You deserve words that make you feel like you’ve finally found the kind of love that you’re been seeking.

You deserve words that accompany a love that feels like home.