These Kanye West Nudie Tweets Of Kim Are The Celebrity Equivalent Of Showing All Your Friends Naked Pics Of Your GF


Kanye West is currently going through a phase and that phase is called “Hey Everyone, Here’s Pictures Of My Naked Wife That I’m Having Sex With.” A bit of a long title for a phase, but still, accurate.

The photos are of a computer screen taken with a camera. That is not how you share digital images in 2015. They are sort of weirdly labelled too. Like so…


I didn’t get it the first time. Is this a nothing but net reference as in basketball? It’s not working for me.

Oh, this is a theme. Okay.

I’m not sure she is though.

Is this how you congratulate someone? With nudes?

We get it, you feel lucky. The 13-year-old is strong in you. I can feel your pent up desire to scream “I’m having sex with this woman” at the top of your lungs.

Dude, there is no one in the world that has not seen your wife naked. Please, just stop.