These Kids Made A ‘Roasting Rule Book’ And It’s More Savage Than You’ll Ever Be


Okay, but when did kids get so savage??? Honestly, I’m pretty sure the elementary school playground is probably the roasting capital of America. Move over Twitter β€” you’ve been dethroned.

Don’t believe me? Just look at this homemade book, called “The Roasting Book Rules”, that these kids made to explain how to properly roast someone.

Rule number one? Don’t roast somebody if you are ugly.

The book even gives an example, which is just as harsh:

“Boy yo hair line look like a rainbow!”

That’s a no no if u don’t have a hairline.

Okay but why do I feel so attacked rn????

Honestly, we just need to know the rest of the rules so we know what not to do.

Honestly someone just needs to publish this and distribute them at every major bookstore. Trust me, we need it.