These People Found Their Doppelgängers In Art Museums And It’ll Make You Believe In Reincarnation


It’s one thing to find your doppelganger roaming the streets, but it’s another thing entirely to find them in an art gallery. No, I’m not talking about the other patrons — I’m talking about the actual art.

These people happened to find their actual look-alikes in paintings across the world, and it’s honestly all very uncanny.

It almost makes you wonder if reincarnation exists, since a lot of the paintings depicted real-life people.

Seriously, how does that happen???

People on Twitter started sharing pictures with their own art doppelgangers, and you can’t tell me that some aren’t scarily similar.

Life imitates art, I guess?

I am now on a quest to find my art doppelganger. Wish me luck.