These Roommates Used Nudes To Buy A Puppy And It’s Hilariously Genius


What would you do for a puppy? Or maybe the question should be what wouldn’t you do for a puppy, because honestly, there are few things I would refrain myself from doing if it meant I got to be the dog mom of a cute lil fuzz ball. Hey, dogs are life!

Twitter user Courtney gets it. Let’s just say that she and her roommates would do anything for a dog — even barter with their own nudes.

Well, almost their own nudes…


Okay, you have to admit that as long as they aren’t actually giving away the identity of the person who sent them those nudes, it’s actually kind of genius. Besides, they got her consent first.

And it actually worked!

Also, just look at this little guy!!! Please tell me you wouldn’t do anything for him. I dare you.

Let’s just say we’re all a little impressed.

Forget Venmo and Bitcoin. You heard it hear first: nudes are the currency of the future.