These Signs Prove That You’re Putting In More Effort Than Him


Whether it’s like or love, sometimes we get too blinded to see the other person’s flaws.

Yes, nobody’s perfect. And our feelings are true when we accept those imperfections, right? Then again, when your relationship bears a lot of alarming signs, denying or not acknowledging them can hurt you more in the end.

These are actually very clear, but well, love is blind. Darling, it’s time to wake up and stop being a fool.

He has no interest in your life.

Interest means attraction and attention. You ask him about his day, his work perhaps, and you lay him a platform to freely talk and express his thoughts. You listen because you are interested and you delight in knowing about the going-ons in his life.

But wait. Did he even give you the opportunity to speak? Did he ask about and listen to what happened to you today as well?

Or maybe he hasn’t been telling you things lately. Text and chat messages are left unread — worse, seen. The guy seems to have no enthusiasm to talk to you, especially about important stuff. He doesn’t react much and ends your conversations fast.

Ugh, such a tiring situation, to be honest. You’re almost strangers.

He has no time for you.

You’re there, always making plans to hang out and spend time with him. What does he do? He feeds you excuses — he’s busy, he doesn’t have money, he’s tired. I mean, come on!

Then you go adjust your schedule for him. It’s always you who adapts to his every whim. And when you finally, finally settle on a date, he backs out and gives you the same excuses.

You know what he is? He’s irresponsible and a bastard. Irresponsible bastard.

Sure, there are varying love languages and yours could be different from your man (this is definitely upsetting for people whose language of love is quality time).

Still, if he knows you enough and is aware of how time together is important to you but still keeps putting you off, then stop, girl. Stop wasting your time.

You’ve noticed these but chose to overlook them, right? Been there, done that. Once or twice, you can take it because he may have valid reasons. But if this is a constant happening, it’s just not funny.

He doesn’t see your worth anymore. It’s heartbreaking, I know. However, a relationship without give-and-take? Screw it.

You’re you — lovable, generous, and passionate. Don’t stick with someone who will not appreciate your time and your life. You have so much to offer and with that, you also deserve so much back.

Again, no one and no love is perfect. But if there are two people willing to go and work it all out, then you’re almost there.

P.S. This applies for friends too.