These Two Old Ladies Flying For The First Time Might Be The Most Adorable Humans Ever


I’ve been mighty scared of flying for as long as I can remember. But as a student of the School Of It’s Fine To Have Fears As Long As You Don’t Let Them Control You Or Lead You To Have A Timid, Mediocre Life (we really should think about a catchier name), I fly anyway, when I must, or when there’s something particularly wonderful — and worth risking certain burning death for — on the other side of the flight.

Even still, on days when the fear is most palpable — often, even with no immediately impending trip looming, just the thought of getting on a plane can trigger active panic — I can easily imagine (and even comfortably hide out in) the idea of living the rest of my life as a flightless creature. So when I saw the video of these two old ladies taking the first flight of their lives — one because she had always been too afraid; the other’s late husband had been phobic — I identified strangely with a life I’ve often imagined for myself. I identified even more profoundly with the emotions they exhibited once in flight. Because, all fear aside, that’s how flying is: the anticipation will destroy your nerves, taking off will stop your heart with terror…but once you’re above the clouds, it’s nothing but a wonderful view, and the relieved, proud emotional exhale of having bet against your worries and won.

For those of you who aren’t afraid of flying / don’t give a shit about my flight feels: Look at how cute these two are. Adopt me, please.