They Are A Mirror Of The Love That You Are


God. Don’t you get it? It isn’t about them. Them, them, them. Them with those big unwilling, unavailable, unready heart. It isn’t about them. They don’t need to change how they are showing up. They are a mirror of the love that you are.

They are a reflection of how you are loving you. I have spent more times in a not love story with all that I am, and less time in a love story with all that I am. They are that. They are that non-love story, showing up—over and over and over again.

It isn’t about them. God, don’t you get it? You must hold and love yourself with all the love that you are. Once you do that—watch out. You’ve been amiss in getting a degree in holding yourself last. Stop pointing your fingers and holding the actions of men who let you down, hold yourself—sweet darling. Hold yourself so sweetly and whole that you may never break. Watch your fingers grow as you become a cradle to all that you are. Unshakable. Unbreakable. Do that—and, watch out.

We’ve all been a miss. We don’t attract the ones who are afraid of love, we are the love we are afraid to give ourselves walking in this world. That love you shit isn’t so cliche after all. It is the key to all that you are. Hold your heart with the might and sweetness you haven’t spent hating the men who aren’t there and I promise he will walk in the door, and you won’t even notice because he will just be a reflection of the love you are giving yourself—and the sparkle won’t blind you or be magic, it will just be common sense.

Janne Robinson is a poet and author of
This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck.
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