They’re Executing 9-Year-Olds Up In Chicago


“I love my city, but the city took something from me that I love even more. And that was my son. That was my little guy right there.”

No, not the government, the populace.

A nine-year-old Chicago boy was executed in a back yard in broad daylight after he ran outside upset because he could not have a cupcake.


Antonio Smith was shot multiple times in the chest Wednesday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. outside his South Side apartment building, according to police. His killer still has not been found.

Antonio threw a tantrum, as every kid does at least dozens of times during their kid careers, and ran out of the house. His mother and step father couldn’t immediately find him and so they called the police but, within 20 minutes, Antonio was dead, found in a backyard a few blocks from his house. Twenty minutes. Who shoots a fourth grader multiple times in the chest?

I know there are a lot of good people in Chicago. There’s a lot of good people everywhere. But, gang violence is one thing. Stray bullets from cowards in cars pretending to men is one thing. But bullets straight into the chest of 9-year-old in some neighborhood backyard? That’s monstrous.

Fuck you, Chicago.