Things Fall Together


Let me dive headfirst into you. Into the depths of your heart and splash into your soul. Let me heed no warning signs and just jump off the edge of faith and cross over all of the borders between us. Love like ours requires a leap of faith. In the back of my mind, I know that they could be right. Reminded of the past when I dove in too fast, only to crash to the bottom and float to the top of the water with no one to catch me. I had to save myself. Maybe I should heed the warning signs. History repeats itself, and life is a cycle.

Let us break the cycle. If life’s worth living, I only want to live it with you. I have wasted too many yesterdays worrying about tomorrow, and what I know today is that you are worth the leap.

Maybe I should live with more caution, protect my heart like the caged monster it is beating endlessly between my ribs. I can’t help that I’m addicted to the free fall. The feeling just after the leap when I’m floating naturally back down to earth and into your arms is otherworldly. Perhaps I could hold on and wait to dive right into love like I always do, like an addict seeking the next high only to be brought back down to the lowest low. But I can’t help that I am absolutely addicted to loving you.

I will not change myself in fear of losing what wasn’t mine to begin with. I am not afraid to love you with every ounce of my being because my fearless heart beats in sync with yours. Let me expose the ugliest pieces of my soul and body to you and allow you to love me more because of them. Let us wash away our pasts in the ethereal present of each other’s arms. Slowly now, as we fall together into a perfect embrace. The pain of being hurt in the past is nothing compared to the pleasure of holding you so close, as all of our flaws are laid out between us. I will fill the holes in your soul with each beat of my heart passionately and willingly. Let me bleed these words onto the page so that you can see that you are what gives me life.