17 Things That Will Always Confuse Men About What It’s Like To Be A Woman


1. You don’t necessarily have to get completely naked to pee while wearing a romper. There are other ways…

2. Yes— Rompers are like a dress but with shorts attached.

3. Constantly being cat-called on the street is not fun.

4. Brazilian waxes are excruciating and we don’t always get them done for you.

5. If you can’t see my bra straps or my nipples, what I’m wearing is called a “strapless bra.”

6. We don’t always want to be complimented on our looks.

7. Heels are really uncomfortable most of the time but sometimes they give us an amazing sense of confidence.

8. Most “blonde” girls dye their hair.

9. We’ve grown up consuming images from the media and from magazines about the way we should look and act. The societal expectations can feel overwhelming.

10. We pee and have sex through different holes (Ok: hopefully you already know this).

11. It’s never a good idea to accuse us of “PMSing.”

12. It doesn’t matter that my sunglasses are technically too big for my face.

13. Getting your nails done is more than just putting a color on them— it’s a place to relax, to escape reality and to treat yourself.

14. Having your period requires a lot of thinking in advance.

15. We’re not always wearing tight dresses and low-cut shirts solely to get your attention— most of the time it’s for us.

16. Crying during movies or while listening to podcasts isn’t just “girly” it’s human!!

17. Not all of us have a natural instinct to cook, clean or protect— sometimes we just take control of these tasks because we’ll do them better.