Things To Know Before You Start Laser Hair Removal


Whether you’re looking to thin out thicker hair or eliminate it altogether, laser hair removal boasts a number of benefits. That said, it is important to note that a proper removal requires expertise, preparation and commitment. Additionally, it’s essential to have your treatment performed in a dermatologists office by an experienced medical professional as you don’t want burns and scars caused by an under-qualified technician. Here are six things to keep in mind when considering laser hair removal.

1. Know which laser is right for you.

Darker skin types (3-5+) have an increased risk of hyperpigmentation and need to use a YAG LASER to avoid scarring and discoloration. It is important to have a Board Certified Dermatologist evaluate your skin type before you begin the process.

2. Give it time.

Lasers cause direct damage to the stem cells in hair follicles, but the process is not immediate. Most patients can expect to come in for a series of 6-8 treatments before the procedure has been completed.

3. It’s not like waxing.

Shave a day or two before your treatment. While it is important to see the follicle, lasers will not penetrate excessive hair growth. Patients will not see results and may even have the smell of burnt hair!

4. Sorry blondes!

Unfortunately, lasers work best on dark, thick hair but won’t help with peach fuzz. This type of hair is known as vellus and serves as a natural protection for your skin.

5. Yes, men laser too.

Though bikini lines get the most press, there has been an increase in the number of men who opt for lasers to remove unwanted hair on the back and chest. We also recommend laser hair removal to treat ingrown hairs or folliculitis on the back of the neck which is typically seen in men with thick, coarse hair. It is important to see a skilled barber prior to your treatment to ensure your desired hairline is well defined.

6. No soaking for 24 hours.

Expect the area to be a little red and sensitive post treatment. We recommend avoiding warm baths and chlorine-filled pools as well as using perfumed lotions.

Have you had laser hair removal? What was your experience like?