Things To Think About In January That Are Not Self-Improvement


A time you laughed so hard with your friend that no sound came out of your mouth and you understood, even just for those eight seconds, what it felt like to be filled with nothing besides the joy and silliness you were experiencing in that exact moment.

That piece of dialogue you read in that one book several years ago that was so real and so true and so exactly something you’ve thought in your own brain before that it reminded you how real of a person you are and how real other people are too.

That one joke your random classmate made in middle school that still makes you laugh to this day when it pops up in your brain, even though you’re an adult and you haven’t spoken to that kid (who’s now also an adult but is still frozen in your mind as your 12-year-old peer) in over a decade but whose joke is still, in your opinion, one of the top ten funniest things anyone has ever said.

The fact that Lindsay Lohan could have BEEN somebody.

The idea that 80%, or maybe 90% or maybe 96%, of the things that are stressing you out right now are going to be so unbelievably trivial when you-in-ten-years-from-now thinks back on them (if you can even remember what they were).

That one time you witnessed an emotional moment between two people in public that you didn’t even know, but it still makes you tear up when you think about it.

Those little robot people from Zoog Disney and how they were once such a BIG part of your life and how you’re about to google them now.

Whether or not you should capitalize the ‘g’ in google/Google when you use it as a verb.

How everything just seems a little bit less depressing once January is over.

That feeling when you really don’t want to go to that one social commitment but you feel like you have to go but then your friend cancels and it’s just about the greatest high there ever could be.

That time somebody sent you that one text that was so meaningful and touching and heartening and they didn’t even know how much you needed it in that moment but you really did need it in that exact moment and you still have it memorized and it still warms you when you recite it in your head, just like it’s warming you right now.