This 2019, I Will Be A Better Person


This 2019, I will let go of the anger that resides in my heart. No matter how painful, no matter how I felt betrayed and forsaken, I am choosing to simply forgive. No more resentment. No more thoughts of vengeance. Just the assurance that when we meet again, I will be the first person to give the sweetest smiles and purest intentions.

This 2019, I will be a better listener. No matter the hustles and bustles, no matter the ups and downs, I will allot more time to simply sit down and pay attention to people’s sentiments. I will think before I speak and be quieter this time. I will take into consideration the ramifications of my words. To listen more, to be felt, to be a better friend—that’s all that matters in a conversation.

This 2019, I will acknowledge my weaknesses and use my strengths. I will address my vulnerability and won’t aim to be perfect nor overly self-critical. I will use my strengths and won’t abuse nor misuse them. Both my weaknesses and strengths belong to me, and they are my instruments in becoming a better soul in this world.

This 2019, I will be a more simple person. By living simply, I will spend within my means. No more working overtime. No more slave of chasing perfection. Just the aim to breathe, relax, and enjoy every moment that comes my way.

This 2019, I will respect myself more. This time, I won’t take myself for granted. I will smile more often and cultivate only genuine thoughts. No more self-degradation. No more self-doubt. Just the will to take better care of myself, explore, and appreciate even the little things around me.

This 2019, I will anchor my life to God. In a world where it seems like I have nothing to give, I will be more kind, more understanding, and more aware of the things that I can, somehow, contribute. To be compassionate is very challenging, I can get ridiculed. But it is our true nature and inmost quality as enlightened beings and children of the Higher Power. To be kind is to live! In the end, it’s what matters most.