This Actress Is Pissed That Someone On Twitter Mistook Her For One Of Trump’s Aides And We Can’t Stop Laughing


In today’s Internet age, it’s easy for a lot of false information to circulate quickly. One accidental tweet can mislead a lot of people — and also, it can also piss a lot of people off.

Politician Jon Cooper is no exception. Yesterday he tweeted out a photo of who he claimed was Sarah Huckabee Sanders, criticizing Sanders’s resting bitch face.

Except here’s the thing. This is Sanders:

And THIS is actress Busy Phillips (seen with James Franco):

When the Freaks and Geeks star saw Cooper’s tweet, she was quick to react — and she was pissed.

Cooper’s tweet has since been deleted, but we’ve got the receipts, and so does everyone else. Let’s just say we still can’t believe it happened (but also that it’s kind of funny?)

Cooper was surprised by his mix up, but, um, at least he’s a fan?

Nice save from someone who just called the wrong person out for looking “habitually pissed”. Busy definitely wasn’t having it.

Next time you criticize someone on the Internet, at least make sure it’s the right person.