This Adorable Kid Learning To Play Soccer Will Break Your Heart In A Good Way


I feel like every time I see a little kid learning something, I want to quit everything I do and dedicate my life to teaching and watching these epiphany moments of discovering new awesome stuff. But that’d be selfish, since I’m a selfish lady—I love teaching for fun, not for a career. I don’t know. Helping to raise kids is a huge responsibility, which is another reason I felt compelled to share this video: every view will help a mother with cancer come closer to being able to cope with taking care of herself and her four children. Per the video and GoFundMe pages descriptions:

In late August, my 41-year-old sister Patti Coyne Powell was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to her liver and bones. She has four children: a 2-year-old baby girl, a 10th-grade-girl, a new college freshman, and a 19-year-old marine who just deployed in December on the Iwo Jima to defend our country.

As a teacher assistant, my sister cannot afford insurance. Moreover, she has been told by her doctors that she is not allowed to work during chemotherapy treatment because germs from the children are enormously dangerous to her. So she has no money, no private insurance, and she has been told she cannot work. Not to mention she is really sick on top of it all. She can barely take care of herself following chemo, but she is still the sole caretaker for a two-year-old.

Lenovo is running a viral video contest that ends January 31st with a $50,000 prize. 500K views (to win) will change her life.

You can donate directly to Patti and her family here.