This Apartment Rental Ad Listed On Craigslist Actually Said ‘No Black People’


Take a look at the ad. $920 for a two-bedroom in a luxury apartment seems like a dream deal, right? Well, let’s read on. Oh damn. Jesus Christ. “No black people.” Are you fucking kidding me?

The Lafayette Lofts in Elmwood Village released a statement on their Facebook page:

We have been made aware of a highly offensive and discriminatory listing on Craigslist offering an apartment at 438 Lafayette Ave that has listed our phone #. Please know, we have made no postings whatsoever on Craigslist and we are taking appropriate steps to report this ad.

People ended up speculating as to who may have done it:

Although people have called this racist “advertisement” out as a hoax, that doesn’t excuse the fact someone went out of their way to post it on Craigslist.

Hoax or not, this is representative of the racial hate and abuse blacks are subjected to on a daily basis.

A spokesperson for Craigslist said they shut the ad down immediately once they were notified by a member of the community.