This Boy Left Five Dollars And A Heartbreaking Apology After Stealing From A Stranger’s House


It’s never a good day when you wake up and realize something’s been stolen from you, but this woman had a slightly different reaction when she found her wind chimes were missing from her home in Washington.

The woman found a note in place of the wind chimes, and what was written on it was absolutely heartbreaking.

“I am sorry that we stold your windchime,” the letter read. “Our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it to put by our window I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad at us.”

The letter was signed by “Jake” and included a five dollar bill as repayment.

The Washington woman decided it was up to her to find the thief — so she could not only give him his money back, but also offer them another wind chime, as she had another two at home. As it turns out, she also lost her mother at a young age and felt for Jake and his sister.

The letter didn’t just pull on the woman’s heartstrings, but all of ours. Hopefully the wind chime is bringing joy to Jake and his sister’s life.