This County Threatened To Shut Down The Internet, But It Turned Out To Be A Hilarious Troll


The relationship between the people and the government has certainly been tense for the past year or so, with people questioning whether they can trust their officials and if their own well-being is being thrown under the bus for politicians’ own gain. Plus, you know, there’s the fear of the whole Big Brother thing that seems to feel more and more realistic every day. Can you blame anyone?

This Kansas county decided to play on that fear, apparently, because yesterday they posted a 30 day notice for all its citizens claiming that they would be blocking all social media access for a bit because of “repeated misuse of Facebook and other social media applications.”

At first glance, people were pissed. I’m talking enraged. After all, the ban seems to violate the first amendment and other laws meant to protect American citizens.




Others cried “fake news,” claiming there’s no way the announcement could be real.

Okay, while I wouldn’t quite call it “fake news,” they’ve got a point. Just look closely at the announcement — the ban goes from February 28 to March 1. And considering February only has 28 days this year, it’s not going to actually be a problem. So sure, the sheriff’s office wasn’t technically lying, but it was trolling the hell out of everyone.

Hey, we think it’s pretty funny.



Bravo, Allen County Sheriff’s Office. What a beautiful, wonderful troll. You deserve an A+ for this one.