This Couple Drank Whiskey, Wine, And Vodka, And Made The Best Drunken Wedding Video Ever


Meet Justin and Jill. They’re getting married!

This adorable couple deserves more than a congratulations because they just came up with the best pre-wedding idea ever!

DRUNK HISTORY! In anticipation for the overwhelming amount of people about to ask the couple how they met, Justin and Jill decided to get absolutely wasted and make a video of it!

It was the New Year of 2012 and Justin was performing one of his magic acts on stage. His eccentric wardrobe caught Jill’s eye. Notice the bow tie.

Apparently, Jill caught Justin’s attention too. She was the cute photographer in the audience

But that is just the beginning! The couple’s drinks keep coming as they continue to tell their epic tale.

One bottle of whiskey, two bottles of wine, and half a bottle of vodka later…

The couple impressively completes their drunk history of how they met. Watch the complete video to see their drunken happily ever after!