This Couple Took Two Full Years To Have A Conversation On Tinder, So The App Decided To Give Them A Little Push


I’ve always been terrible about responding to Tinder messages. Like, atrociously horrible. If you ever get a response from me, it’ll probably be a few days (or weeks) after your original message. Sorry?

But I am not alone, it turns out. Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas basically founded their whole Tinder-relationship off of being terrible communicators, which gives hope to terrible texters like me.

Josh uploaded the conversation to Twitter, where Michelle happened to find it.

But Michelle wasn’t the only one who saw the screenshots — someone at Tinder happened upon it as well and decided to finally give these two love birds the push they needed.

OK, so I’m jealous, but whatever. It’s ~fate~, obviously.

In the end, Tinder taught us the most important lesson:

Or something like that. I guess we all have a reason to re-download Tinder again?