This Dad Totally F*cked Up His Daughter’s Bedtime In The Most Dad Way Possible


Redditor u/iakiak wrote a post about how he fucked up by scaring the daylights out of his daughter. It all started with a sweet and innocent game of one-upping each other with “scary tests”. Then, ultimately, in a very “Dad” fashion, he ruins the entire thing.

Check it out:

So last night I am in charge of doing my 5-year-old girl’s bedtime while mum takes baby to sleep. While picking a bedtime story I go through the pile of recently acquired library books and see one titled Ghost Hunters And The Incredibly Revolting Ghost. It looked a bit above her pay grade and I question who picked it out and if she thought it might be a bit too scary for her.

She says “No,” and being a bit hyped up from the weekend and feeling playful, she declares that it might be a bit scary for me and comes up with a game on the spot: a scare test. She turns out the light and pounces on me. Now I should mention we have blackout blinds and with the light off the room is completely dark.

What follows is five minutes of us turning out the lights and trying to “scare” each other in the dark: throwing fluffy toys, sneaking up behind, “monster” drool, wet willies. After a while of gentle escalation, I figure its time to end this and get to bed.

On my turn I go silent. After 10 seconds:




“Where are you!?”

Silence (oh this is good!)


Silence (yeah I’m in the zone).

Footsteps towards the light switch.

Wait for it, oh I’m so going to win this. Kneel down so I’m at head level, wait for it, wait for it, ok she’s right in front of me, lets do it!

She turns the light on, and I scream: “RAAAAAGHHHHAAAHHHH!”

She screams, “Aieeeee!” and then…thhhppbbbb!!

So yeah, bedtime was delayed for a wardrobe change.

She’s probably not going to trust me for a while…and as a bonus we woke the baby too….

Dads. *eyeroll*