This Dad’s Secret To Co-Parenting With His ‘Warrior’ Wife Is Making Everyone Emotional


What’s the key to being a good parent? Some say it’s being a good partner and spouse. Loving your children is important, but so is appreciating the person who is helping you co-parent them. Maintaining that peaceful relationship and balance is one of the best things you can do.

This father, for instance, is a true believer in taking the time to give back to his wife, who spends all day taking care of their son. In fact, he wrote an entire Facebook post on the importance of it.

His post read:

Take your kids off your wife’s hands . For the longest I thought we were balanced. I had this mindset . ” oh I go to work all day so I am equally as tired as she is ” nah it’s really not like that. I’m discovering more and more each day why it’s important to help take care of your woman physically and and emotionally especially after they have your baby. I spend a couple hours alone with my lil boy and I’m exhausted mentally and physically. She spends all day with him, feeds him, puts him to sleep, maintains the house while I’m at work , and maintains to take care of herself. Men. Women are the hardest workers on this planet. I don’t care what you say. I’ve learned from many men growing up and they’ve all said the same thing ” I wouldn’t be here without my woman” . We gotta appreciate our Queens more. Take your son or daughter . Let her relax in the bath without having to worry about yalls baby. Reassure her that she’s doing great . We gotta step up in this generation.


His post has since gone viral, with a lot of people praising his stance on fatherhood.

Parenting isn’t an easy job, no matter what role you play in the equation. It’s nice to see partners praising each other and doing what they can to take the stress off one another. Isaac concluded his post with these beautiful words:

Y’all are straight up warriors. Period. Done . Idk how y’all do it.”

Well, I can’t argue with that.