This Entire Kim Davis Mess Is An Insult And Embarrassment To Christianity


Kim Davis has become a household name virtually overnight. Social media is exploding with support for her decision, as well as unbridled ridicule and what some would call “persecution.” By this point, we are all well aware that Davis has been married four times, and that it’s pretty clear she has a rough personal life. Some would argue that sin is sin and it doesn’t matter what wrongs she has done; she is still a Christian and still has the right to stand up for her beliefs. All that aside, I absolutely do not agree with the manner in which she has approached this whole ordeal. Her actions are nothing less than a total embarrassment to Christianity. Let me explain.

Jesus Christ was the ultimate example of how Christians are supposed to behave. True Christians model their behavior after Christ to the best of their ability; of course no one is perfect. Jesus hung out with the lowest of the low. He spent his time with tax collectors, lepers, prostitutes, and other individuals that society would reject. He wasn’t afraid to love those that the world deemed unlovable. Christ was the perfect example of guiding sinners to salvation through love and acceptance. He didn’t support things he didn’t agree with, but he expressed his disagreement in amicable and friendly ways (minus maybe the destruction of the temple). If this is how Christians are to approach others, then what in the world is Kim Davis thinking?

Kim Davis is right that the Bible doesn’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle, and that Christians are supposed to stand up for what they believe in, regardless of the punishment they might face. However, where she has gone all wrong is in her handling of the situation as a whole. In my opinion, the correct way to deal with this predicament would have simply been for Davis to quit her job. That’s all it really took. But instead, she has decided to make a huge scene and cause a completely unnecessary uproar. Homosexuals are outraged by her behavior. Christians are losing their minds, convinced that this is the beginning of “worldwide Christian persecution.” The end times must be near. Give me a break.

This lady has taken things to the extreme, simply for effect. There is absolutely no reason she needed to go to jail for this. She chose to go to jail. Now, I don’t know her, but to me, this looks like she’s just trying to be a martyr, the whole “woe is me” type of deal. She wants everyone to see her as this great Christian woman who refuses to bow down to a sinful world. Well that’s great. She could have just quit her job and sent the exact same message. It would have been easier, in fact, to just leave the office and let someone else issue the marriage licenses. It didn’t need to become a spectacle, and it didn’t need to become breaking news. Davis could have gone home, looked for a new job, and moved on with her life. She wouldn’t have broken any of her beliefs, and she also wouldn’t be in jail. It’s that simple.

When gay marriage became legal, she knew she would eventually be facing a situation like this. Right then and there, she should have left. She knew her beliefs would be put to the test, and if she wasn’t okay with that, she shouldn’t have stuck around. But she did. And she waited until she could make a fool of herself, and the whole of Christianity, before she finally made her move. This saddens me for two reasons. One, people are all in a tizzy about how Christians are now being persecuted and soon it’s going to get worse and the world is ending and bla bla bla. Just because one lady decided to make a show out of something that could have easily been handled in a peaceful manner does not mean the world is ending. And if it is, it has nothing to do with Kim Davis. People need to calm down. And two, this woman isn’t helping Christianity’s cause in the least. Christians aim to spread the love of Christ to all people, and to hopefully lead those people to salvation through kindness and acceptance (acceptance and support are two very different things), much like Jesus did when he walked the earth. This woman has projected herself, and thus other Christians, as psychotic, over the top, gay-haters. The fact of the matter is that not all Christians are like that. But sadly, this is now the way the world views Christianity.

I am sick of seeing people’s support for her, claiming she is so “brave” and “honorable.” Since when is making a mockery of your religion considered to be honorable? She put herself in that situation. No one else did it to her. You know who’s really brave? The young men and women being slaughtered by ISIS for professing their faith in Christ. They didn’t choose to make a show of themselves. They didn’t go out of their way to be videotaped or broadcast on national television. That’s true persecution. Seeking out ways to make a big deal out of something that otherwise would not have been a big deal—that’s just playing the martyr. And Christianity isn’t about forcing yourself to play the martyr. Yes, the Bible says Christians will face persecution, but that doesn’t mean they should force themselves into it. Davis could have stepped down from her job and easily avoided all of this. She brought it upon herself, and now has millions of people worried that this is the beginning of some kind of worldwide Christian hate mob and millions of others turning away from Christ after witnessing her overly dramatic decisions.

FYI people, Christians have been hated for centuries, and the hate will continue, unfortunately spurred on by the ridiculous and unnecessary actions of people like Kim Davis. Muslims are hated, Jews are hated, Buddhists are hated. Every group of people is hated by someone, somewhere. And if they tried hard enough, they could force themselves into “public persecution” just the same. In reality, I shouldn’t even be writing this blog post right now. Because this shouldn’t even be news. Kim Davis should have acted like any respectable, Christian adult and walked out of her job peacefully, successfully proving the exact same point she has now ironically failed to prove.