This Epic Tumblr Post Tells A Powerful Story About How Americans See Islam


It can be easy to sometimes stereotype and pigeonhole people — especially representatives of a particular identity.

“Why aren’t you telling your fellow [insert identity here] to do this or that!!!”

But it’s often (i.e. always) harder than that. Our Islamic friends and neighbors have been unfairly tagged with acts of terrorism committed by a small group of violent fanatics. We expect them to somehow stop people who do evil in the name of Islam — as if the majority of Muslims have some unseen power over the evil fanatics.

This truly epic Tumblr convo demonstrates why this expectation is problematic in a very creative way.

Read for yourself!

Oh wow, another anonymous internet user has something to say!

The convo continues…

The world is a complicated place. Trying to hold Muslim people responsible for the actions of extremists is almost nonsensical, as these posts illustrate.

Many Moslems are working hard to try to roll back those using their faith to promote violence, but terrorism itself is its own religion — and it is one almost impervious to logic or persuasion.

Nobody would apply the same standard of logic to Christianity — expecting the faith to take responsibility for the KKK or the fanatical Colorado shooter who attacked the Planned Parenthood facility. It’s time to stop applying an uneven standard to Islam and let love win the day.