Humiliated Ex-Girlfriend Strikes Back After Her Man Posts Their Secret Sex Video, Ensuring He’ll Never Do It Again


Twenty-five-year-old Humphrey Khoza was drinking beers with his friends back in January when his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend came into the bar, uttered a single phrase, and changed his life forever.

“Everything happened in a blink of an eye because I saw her when she was coming with a bottle but I didn’t realise that she was carrying acid. She just angrily called me a dog. She asked how in the world I could have done such an evil thing to her. It was only then that I realised that she was talking about the video that I took while we were having sex,” said Khoza.

She then doused him with battery acid, including his crotch, which destroyed his genitals beyond repair.

The humiliating video she was so angry about was taken during their month-long relationship, and while the sex between the two was consensual, the 17-year-old girl was not aware that Khoza was filming the entire event with his laptop. He then uploaded the video, although he claims he didn’t mean to, and doesn’t know how it happened. The video then went viral on social media.

The remorseful Khoza added that although his penis would never work again due to the damage caused by the acid, he was lucky to be alive.

Khoza has declined to press charges against the girl, saying that it would do nothing to make him whole again. He seems remarkably introspective after the attack saying, “Her being in jail will just ruin her future because she is still young and I do not have the energy to attend courts.”