This Full Moon In Libra, I Will Find Peace Alongside Myself


This full moon in Libra, I will find peace alongside myself.

I will forgive the things that bring noise and chaos to my life; I will honor them and wish them well.

This full moon, I will accept what is. I will validate the fact that I don’t have to like something for it to still happen.

I will take a step back, slow down, press pause, and finally sit still. I will sit still enough to feel nothing but my own companionship. I’ll find a friend in my breath.

I will detach myself from everything so that from here on out, my identity is solely something I claim out of the power of my own movement.

I will free myself from everything that holds me hostage, from everything that disrupts me from getting to the greater good of where I’m meant to be.

This full moon I will bathe in the fact that things don’t have to make sense to still be okay, and I’m still okay regardless.

I will find peace in my confinement, fulfillment in the days that have yet to come, and beauty in the mess of colors that I don’t even know what to name.

I will embrace uncertainty. I will welcome change, not out of joy but out of resilience.

I will plan for a life that feels good for me. I will root for my greatest desires. I will find ease in it all, undoubtedly knowing that thoughts become things.

This full moon in Libra, I will find peace alongside myself. I will unravel more of who I am, who I feel good to be. I will let go of everything I’m not while simultaneously holding on to everything I wish to become. I will exist peacefully. Without question. Without fear. I will create myself over and over again until every single part of my being knows what it’s like to know ease.

May this full moon in Libra bring you the curiosity to ask questions, the desire to create and make art out of your uncertainty, and to make a home out of all the peace you can find. May you find peace alongside yourself.