This Genius 16 Year Old Girl Graduated College And High School In The Same Week


Most 16 year olds are satisfied simply to look forward to Summer break at the end of the school year but Grace Bush of South Florida is doing the amazing. She’s applying to Master’s Degree programs and looking forward to Law School after graduating from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) with a degree in Criminal Justice and a 3.8 GPA.

FAU has a dual enrollment program that allows high school students to also take college courses for college credit.  Bush started taking advantage of the program when she was 13. Three years later she’s a college grad. But it’s not really overachieving for her since she could read by the age of 2. But Bush comes from  a large family and it would have been difficult for her parents to finance their educations. That’s why it’s even more wonderful that she was able to get her degree without enrolling in college in the traditional way.

You see, Bush is the third of NINE children, and according to the CBS affiliate, her family says they’re not financially able to send all of their children off to college. But Bush’s mom, Gisla, who homeschooled all of her kids early on, says she knew there was something special about Grace.

Grace hopes to continue her string of successes and after graduating law school one day become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Honestly, I kind of feel like she has a better shot than most. But if she gets her law degree within the next three years she’ll be a 19 year old attorney. She’s got lots of time to get there.

“She graduated at the age of 16; do you think she can achieve that?” asked her father, Bobby Bush. “I believe so.”

I used to think homeschooling was generally bad but when I’m faced with successes like this it makes me wonder how much socialization and getting used to arbitrary rules really matters at all. Certainly she’s got a head start of her own making that I never even dreamed of trying for.

image – YouTube